Training is a process in order to change human being attitude, knowledge, skills and behavior. It is TASK oriented. Where TASK means the full-form of:

T … Training
A … Attitude
S … Skill
K … Knowledge

iQi Group provides two different techniques for training:

  1.  On-the-job training takes place in a normal working situation, using the actual tools, equipment, documents or materials that trainees will use when fully trained. On-the-job training has a general reputation as most effective for vocational work.
  2. Off-the-job training takes place away from normal work situations implying that the employee does not count as a directly productive worker while such training takes place. Off-the-job training has the advantage that it allows people to get away from work and concentrate more thoroughly on the training itself. This type of training has proven more effective in inculcating concepts and ideas.